Kuri in Lull the ghosts!

Oh no! Somebody turned the day into night, and now there are rambunctious ghosts everywhere refusing to go to bed! Help Kuri to turn up the light and lull the ghosts to sleep.

Play here!

Lets get Apple!

Help Mogu and Musha and friends to get apple!

The preloader is not working on the Flash version so just wait two minutes for the game to load.

Link to Flash version.


Link to Android here.

Rår memory game

This was my first flash game. I sort of relearned how to program with this game. The AI is hard as hell but it’s not cheating. It’s just really good a remembering stuff.

Link to game

Rouru no dogimagi robotto panikku

This is an old platform game I finished but never released. Anyways it’s up here now for anyone to play!

Link to “Rouru no dogimagi robotto panikku”